The WFS | Orbital Corporate University is a project that aims the Training and development of our employees, it is known that is necessary a multidisciplinary team with the ability to meet new challenges in order to achieve the excellence and quality of our services. The WFS | WFS | Orbital Training Center is a reference in the Aviation sector and due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacts, as an opportunity to invest in our professionals we anticipate this project launching it in the new worldwide reality.

The online platform is one more way of continuous formation and integration for all our employees, it expands the way how we work with presential and distance learning. There are currently two Lines of Business: Technical trainings with mandatory and specifics courses and the Behavioral trainings to develop competences and skills, both aim for supporting the professional in their personal development and contributes for their own activity and role transition.

We believe that with high standard professionals it is easier to promote our employees into the engagement of their personal development, contributing with our goals, to be the most flexible option in the development of customized solutions for our business.

The University will count with supporting areas that provides an easy learning environment with capacitated professionals to assist in all stages of our employee´s development and growth.

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