WFS / ORBITAL provides its Employees, Customers, Suppliers, as well as the general public, a Communication Channel for them to report conduct that they deem inappropriate to the principles of our company's Code of Conduct. This channel is managed by IAUDIT Consultoria Empresarial independently, impartially and confidentially, reinforcing WFS / ORBITAL's commitment to transparency, ethics and commitment to resolution.

The person who wants to use this vehicle will have the option of making an identified or anonymous report. By opting for the identified form, you will need to include additional contact details, as Channel Auditors may contact you for further details and / or for any questions they may have regarding the reported fact. Upon completion, a protocol number will be provided so you can follow the progress of the process.

WFS / ORBITAL will ensure full confidentiality of the dealings made in the Ethics Channel, even if the person opts for the identified report.

This tool should be used solely for recording facts related to non-compliance with WFS / ORBITAL Code of Conduct guidelines or in violation of ethical principles and standards of conduct and / or applicable law.

The Ethics Channel services are:

Service: 24 hours

Service: Monday - Friday from 08h AM to 20h PM

  • Phone: 0800 709 2005