Ramp Services

The Ramp Services should be viewed as a statement of organization and procedures.

WFS | WFS | Orbital ensures that the operations are undertaken in a coordinated way, based on customized procedures, ensuring a safe and standardized operation, on the forecasted time. (...)

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Using modern equipment (Loader, Pushback, Conveyor Belt, Stairs, GPU, and LPU, among others, if needed), for the implementation of the following services:

  • Aircraft Loading and Unloading
  • Push-Back
  • Baggage Sorting and Transportation
  • Surface transport
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Water services
  • Lavatory services

Passenger service

WFS | WFS | Orbital is specially committed with training and development of its technical and operational Services. Through the employees team is able to coordinate all the activities, to perform a special customer services, as follow: (...)

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  • Arrival/ Departure
  • Check-in/out and Gate Services
  • Airport Ticketing Sales Desk
  • Lost Luggage
  • Special Services
  • Support Services

Security services

Established in 2002, WFS | Orbital is an airport handling services enterprise which pledge is supplying to all their partners, high realiability quality services among a frequent technical improvement. (...)

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Along all these years WFS | Orbital has dedicated itself almost exclusively, to the security services performance by realizing, that only on this way, the reability and quality on the performed services might be improved beyond accounts and, offering the complete security solution to our clients which, makes all the diference.

DISPATCHED BAGGAGE'S BY X-RAY INSPECTION Baggages x-ray screnning, to avoid the unauthorized transport of any explosive apparatus or dangerous goods which may risk the flight safety.

SECURITY'S RESTRICTED OPERATIONAL AREAS ACCESS CONTROL Which purpose is to avoid non authorized persons access to restricted and operational airport areas.

AIRCRAFT'S SEARCHING Aircraft's outward and inward inspection in order to find explosive apparatus or objects which may be used for sabotage.

OPERATIONAL AREA MOBILE PATROL Airport areas patrolling, which purpose is the airport perimeter protection and adjacent areas.

PASSENGER'S INTERVIEW PROFILER Early inspection which raises the flights safety levels, through questions and additional baggage inspection before the check in or during the boarding time.

INTERVIEW Interview is the preventive method of security that aims at the trip document verification, identification of not-permissible person, visual examination with the purpose to guarantee that the luggage of the passenger is identified.

PASSENGERS, CREW, HAND BAGGAGE AND SERVICE PERSONNEL INSPECTION Which purpose is avoiding to bring in an aircraft, dangerous or forbidden goods that may be used to perpetrate an illicit act against civil aviation.

PARKED AIRCRAFT INSPECTION Persons, vehicles and equipments inspection performing flight support services, which purpose is it wholeness guarantee and the unauthorized persons access.

AIR CARGO AND OTHER ITEMS PROTECTION To assure that in the air cargo there would be not forbidden or dangerous objects which may risk the flight safety.

Cargo services

Cargo Handling is a different kind of aviation Services, to render this services, WFS | Orbital has an exclusive and trained team, focused on a good performance. (...)

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We perform the management and handling of cargo, from the moment of arrival until they leave the airport terminal, providing security and peace of mind to our customers:

  • Build up and Break down Pallets
  • DGR Handling and Special Freight
  • Document Handling
  • Customs Clearance
  • Complementary Services

Executive aviation

Counting on a specialized team of professionals, with the required profile for the type of activity, we coordinate and accomplish all needed processes to: (...)

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  • National and International Aircraft Handling
  • Passengers and Crew assistance
  • Flight Plan
  • Board Provisions
  • Transit and Arrival Services
  • Fuelling Coordination
  • Catering Coordination

Technnical services

The WFS | Orbital created the Technical Department which is a special unit of group to develop and improve manuals and procedures performed by our employees. (...)

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It has highly professional qualified and experienced working not only in developing manuals and procedures, as well as in quality control, internal and external the provision of our services note below the technical manuals developed by our Company:

  • Security Program for Airline – PSEA
  • Security Plan for Outsource Companies – PSESCA
  • Security Program for Airport Authority – PSA
  • Security Air Cargo Program – PSCA
  • Security Plan for Values Transport – PSTAV
  • Plan for assistance to the families of victims of air disaster